See the world, and get a clue.

To travel is to have fun, to enjoy the views and learn from nature, other cultures and history. Visiting other places increases your understanding of the world. It makes you better understand the common issues of life. Traveling is also about learning how other cultures behave in the present world.

"Every new beginning comes from other beginnings end."

-Seneca (ca. 4 BC – 65 AD)

This years plan was to make it to the DMZ to wave across to the "Great Leader"

After three years of basing out of Hong Kong I felt I had finally had my fill. The cityscape across the bay was a relentless beakon to return, but last year I felt I was pounding the same ground a bit too much so decided to change my plan for this year. Also, the rioting that has ensued since only re-inforced my resolve to find a new Asian center. I'm totally with the youth there though, and I hope they keep their political autonomy from the mainland.

I find the history of Korea to be rather interesting and sad at the same time - one people living as two. At the 38th parallel there is a 250km long and 4km wide daily reminder of a Soviet/American proxy war that technically still exists, only "paused" with a ceasefire and a buffer zone.

Also, and similar to Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Taipei from the previous trips - I'm fascinated with the blend of the very old with the cutting edge. There can be a building from about a half millenia before America existed, and another a block away that is more cutting edge than anything you could find in present day America. I'm also a huge fan of Asian street food, customs, and their day to day.